I would like to address a grave concern of mine. As a society we have lost our way. We no longer look at each other as equal, but as opponents. We are afraid of our neighbors and fellow citizens. Article V is a check and balance on the power of the federal government. The constitution is a piece of paper and an idea. Over half the population doesn’t believe or understand that idea. I see loving, caring, compassionate people support Bernie and Hillary. They are right in their intentions to make a better world, but they are deceived in their process. The genius of the constitution is to lay down a set of rules we all agree upon to settle our disagreements peaceably. To elect honorable people of sound mind and disposition that temper our passions for legislation that is accountable to the election process. The constitution isn’t at risk, it can never be. Our people have no idea what it offers, there lies the problem. Those that would overthrow it would almost immediately be replaced by a more tyrannical group. If people want universal health care and guaranteed living wages let them have it. The key is to educate people that the only way back from these mistakes is to understand why the principles and ideas in the constitution keep us as one people. We have forgotten it before and a civil war ensued. But if it wasn’t for a president who firmly believed in A United States we would have never recovered. Let’s teach everyone the policy doesn’t matter if we can reverse the bad ones later. That’s why Convention of states is feared. People don’t believe we can reverse a bad decision if they don’t like the changes. The peoples will can always be honored, unless it’s oppressed by a tyrannical group. That is why equal representation is so important and the election process so sacred. Prohibition 18th was reversed by 21st amendment. I would like to revers the 16th amendment on taxation, but people are afraid to ‘mess with’ the constitution because of their fear of their neighbors or the ‘powerful group of dark leaders’. We are at a crossroads; morality and immorality; selflessness and selfishness; generosity and greed. We have a greater number of people in this country who want things to be better. If we stop fighting about intentions and start focusing of results then we can legislate freely in the trust that our mistakes can be undone.