Inline imageHere Is Why 42 % Believed Trump Colluded With Russia to Steal Election 

The following are brief examples of what the public heard every day from the Major Media over the last 2 years.

– John Brennan, CIA Director, Obama Administration

“Many indictments are coming” – “Trump committed treason by giving aid and comfort to the enemy”

– James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, Obama Administration

“Russia has something on Trump so he could easily be compromised”

– James Comey, Director of the FBI

“Trump is not the subject of the investigation” but that was precisely who was being targeted by the Mueller probe.

“Don’t know the authenticity of the Steele dossier”

– Andrew McCabe, FBI Deputy Director

“Trump could be a Russian asset”

  Nancy Pelosi, Democrat, House Majority Leader

“Cold hard evidence that Trump campaign and Trump family eagerly colluded with Russia to affect the election.”

– Adam Schiff, Democrat Representative, Chair of House Intelligence Committee – (stated hundreds times)

“There is significant evidence that the Trump campaign and Russia colluded” 

“Trump is definitely working with the Russian government”

“There is much more than circumstantial evidence that Trump colluded with Russia.”

– Richard Blumenthal, Democrat Connecticut Senator – stated dozens of times

“There are many indictments to come” 

– Eric Swalwell, Democrat Congressional Representative from California – 

“Putin runs Trump” – “Trump violates the honor code” – “Clear that Trump is part of a criminal conspiracy”

“It was a criminal transition and now a criminal presidency” – “The Steele dossier has not been proven false”

“Trump’s call to Russia during a political rally to find Hillary’s e-mails was not a joke but a disguised request”

– Beto O’Rouke

“No doubt there was collusion but if there wasn’t there was the attempt to collude with a foreign power”

– Jeff Zucker, CEO of CNN

“2 years of Trump lies”

– Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont and past presidential candidate

“There is a criminal in the White House” – “Indict Jared Kushner for money laundering & undermining our democracy”

– Steve Cohen, Democrat Tennessee Congressional Representative

“The truth will come out about Kushner and Don Jr.”


FBI Inspector General Reports Still Pending

– What gifts were accepted by FBI agents during the Mueller investigation?

– What was the substantive basis for the FISA warrants allowing surveillance of Trump & Trump associates?

– Who were responsible for the various press leaks concerning the FBI investigation?

Mueller Tried To Take Down Trump 

– $25 Million, 40 FBI agents, 2800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, 13 countries, 22 months, & no restrictions. 

– Mueller’s 19 investigators were dedicated Obama & Hillary supporters & they ignored Obama & Hillary real crimes. 

– He apparently is doing nothing about the false claims & coup attempt by of Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe & others.

– He didn’t appear concerned about false Steele dossier, the unjustified FISA warrants, & the attempts to plant informants.

– He then used every prosecutorial over-reach to target Trump and anyone that supported Trump’s campaign. 

– He unethically used financial extortion on Trump supporters; Manafort, Flynn, Corsi, Caputo, Page, Stone, & Cohen.  

– He dispatched armed men in night time raids to intimidate Manafort and Stone.

– From the start he knew there was no crime but he doggedly tried to find one on Trump, his family, or supporters.

– Bottom line; Mueller searched 2 years for a Trump crime/collusion/obstruction and found nothing.


– Rashida Tlaib introduced a resolution to impeach Trump

– Eric Swalwell declared the Steele dossier was factual

– Adam Schiff claimed there is still clear evidence of collusion

– Jerold Nadler, House Judiciary Committee Chair vowed to continue investigating Trump’s Abuse of Power, Obstruction of Justice, and Stopping Freedom of the Press. Nadler presented no evidence Trump did any of these crimes but used that lack of evidence to justify an investigation to find the evidence.