What Other Presidents Did that Trump Didn’t

John Adams signed the Sedition Act shutting down newspapers &imprisoning those who disagreed with his policies.

Trump has not shut down any papers nor imprisoned anyone.

Abraham Lincoln shut down over 300 newspapers, imprisoned scores of journalists, & monitored journalist telegraphs.

Trump has not shut down any papers nor imprisoned anyone nor surveilled anyone.

Woodrow Wilson passed another “Sedition Act” imprisoning journalists and shut down many newspapers.

Trump has not shut down any papers nor imprisoned anyone.

FDR’s FCC revoked broadcast licenses if broadcasts were non-compliant & had the IRS go after those he disapproved of.

Kennedy, Johnson, & Nixon used the IRS the same inappropriate way FDR did.

Trump has not used the IRS or any other government agency to go after anyone.

Obama used the IRS against the Tea Party, surveilled Fox’s James Rosen, & NYT James Risen, & 20 AP journalists.

Trump has not surveilled anyone nor used the IRS against anyone.

The Democrat investigators Nadler, Schiff, & Cummings have not mentioned ONE SPECIFIC ACT of power abuse, justice obstruction, or press freedom prevention – so their investigation is really trying to find some evidence of a crime.

In May, the Major Media has 386 times screamed “Constitutional Crisis” yet no specific evidence has been presented.

Editor’s Request: DOJ AG Bill Barr, DOJ IG Michael Horowitz, & DOJ SP John Durham –  Please hurry & conclude your investigation of the Democrat & Major Media treasonous COUP against President Trump & publicize the results.


Recent Democrat Comments 

Mayor Pete Buttigieg: “Remove names of Jefferson & Jackson from Democrat fund raisers.”

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: “No detention for any illegals & provide them with lawyers”.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: ”Fox News is a hate for profit racket selling a mix of bigotry, racism, & out-right lies.”

Rep. Jamie Raskin: “Jail time for Trump staffers refusing to testify before Congress.”

Rep. Stephen Cohen: “Trump is raping the country.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders: “Felons of any crime should not be denied their right to vote.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “Trump is covering up his obstruction of justice.”

Joe Biden to woman in rally saying Trump is; liar, dictator, & treasonous Russian agent: Biden “entirely agreed.”

CNN’s Samantha Vinograd: “Obama caged kids for their protection – Trump caging kids is White Nationalism.”


Primary Democrat Policies & Positions

Recent unprecedented economic surge across all business & employment sectors is NOT DUE TO TRUMP POLICIES.

Reparations for African Americans

Abolish the Electoral College to elect a President

Increase the number of Supreme Court justices to eliminate conservative judge majority

Implement the Green New Deal.

Sexual identity is not a biological fact but is a personal choice as stated in the House passed Equality Act.

Climate Change deniers should be punished by jail time &/or fines.

Medicare for All – means private medical insurance is outlawed, & no defined limits on medical service.