Sep 26, 2018

Meeting October 1st 6pm Ballot Measures and What You Should Know

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The North County Tea Party. Your Conservative voice, Amplified! The North County Tea Party is Proud to announce a special event Monday October 1st, 2018 2018 Ballot Proposition and Bond Measures Discussion Do you know about the upcoming Ballot and Bond Measures? Well come hear from our experts on these tricky wallet drainers so [...]

Oct 2, 2016

General Meeting Monday October 3rd with Steve Frank

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Monday October 3rd at 6pm at the Atascadero Bible Church. Come see Steve Frank, politics Guru and contributing editor of California political news and views at You are in for a great speaker this month, Steve Frank has the "inside scoop" on everything in California politics. We are so excited to have him with [...]

May 2, 2016

Meeting May 2nd Free Movie Dead Harvest

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The North County Tea Party will be having another meeting at the Atascadero Bible Church in Atascadero on Monday at 6:00 pm on May 2nd Come see the free Movie Dead Harvest at 6:30pm and we will discuss the events took place this weekend at the California Republican Convention in Burlingame. We are proud to be able to bring good people [...]

Jun 25, 2015


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SCOTUS decision on Obamacare Exchange Requirement Today the Supreme Court in case, King v. Burwell, interpreted the law to 'fit' an unintended purpose.  With the vote of 6-3, the infamous law lives on. The court has squarely set it ethics on the sidelines and a decision was not based on the standard of weather the letter [...]

Jun 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day!

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Being a father is the most precious thing I can say that I have done in my life. I can understand why God loves us so much since He is the Father of all of us. If my Love for my children is any indication of how much He loves us, we have nothing to [...]

Jun 8, 2015