Sep 26, 2018

Meeting October 1st 6pm Ballot Measures and What You Should Know

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The North County Tea Party. Your Conservative voice, Amplified! The North County Tea Party is Proud to announce a special event Monday October 1st, 2018 2018 Ballot Proposition and Bond Measures Discussion Do you know about the upcoming Ballot and Bond Measures? Well come hear from our experts on these tricky wallet drainers so [...]

Aug 29, 2018

September Meeting with Speaker Sheriff Parkinson and Local Candidates

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Sheriff Ian Parkinson and Local Candidates We are proud to host Ian Parkinson our local Sheriff as he speaks on Law changes and the effect on our communities. We will also be having several local candidates speak on thier platforms before the upcoming electoin. 6pm at the Republican headquarters in Atascadero on September 10th, 2018 [...]

Jul 30, 2018

Meeting Aug 6th 6pm Speaker Steve Frank on Winning

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Are you tired of winning? Neither are most of your fellow true Americans. That’s why the North County Tea Party is hosting Speaker Steve Frank from California News And Views  on Monday at 6pm in the Atascadero Republican Headquarters. Hear Mr. Frank discuss current wins and how we can continue to make America Great. [...]

Mar 27, 2018

Meeting April 2nd with Speaker Dan Dow San Luis Obispo District Attorney

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Bring a Friend and Save the Date Monday, April 2nd at 6pm San Luis Obispo District Attorney Dan Dow will be speaking on Sancturary Cities, Prisoner releases, Mental Health and Law Enforcement. Also Speaking California Secretary of State Candidate Mark Meuser on why he should have your vote this next election The North County [...]

Mar 5, 2018

Meeting March 5th with Speaker Mike Brown of COLAB

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 Getting Busy at Business COLAB Speaker, Mike Brown Mike Brown is the Government Affairs Director of the Coalition of Labor, Agriculture, and Business of both San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. The two COLABs are separate nonpartisan, non- profit government watchdogs and advocates representing farmers, ranchers, vineyards, developers, professional firms, contractors, and publicly [...]

Jan 25, 2018

Meeting February 5th with Speaker Deborah Reed of COS

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February 5th Meeting Location; Adobe Plaza - Republican Headquarters Speaker; Deborah Reed, COS regional captain You won't want to miss this meeting with Convention of States regional captain Deborah Reed. She will be covering the tremendous strides in the movement to reign in the Federal Government. The Convention of States movement covers the entire [...]

Jan 4, 2018

Meeting January 8th 2017 with Speaker Chris Ivey

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Are you Prepared? We will be having speaker Chris Ivey give the presentation at the January 8th meeting. There will be give away prizes and according to Chris he is even going to bring his pet bear! You'll have a great time at this meeting and maybe even win some prizes.  I know you'll [...]

Nov 12, 2017

Meeting December 4th 2017 with speaker Karen Velie

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December 4th Meeting Location; Adobe Plaza Speaker; Karen Velie, Co-Founder of CalCoast News The North County Tea Party is pleased to have guest speaker Karen Velie at our monthly meeting scheduled for 6:00 pm on December 4th at the Adobe Plaza(7357 El Camino Real) in Atascadero.  Karen Velie is the Co-Founder of CalCoast News [...]