May 6, 2016

Cruz suspends campaign, now what?

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Ted Cruz recently suspended his campaign for President of United States. The Presidential race heats up as supporters of Ted Cruz scramble to regroup. Conservatives finding no comfort in a Donald Trump candidacy are looking to find an alternate in the Libertarian party. Gary Johnson seems to be the Front runner for the nomination. The [...]

Jun 25, 2015


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SCOTUS decision on Obamacare Exchange Requirement Today the Supreme Court in case, King v. Burwell, interpreted the law to 'fit' an unintended purpose.  With the vote of 6-3, the infamous law lives on. The court has squarely set it ethics on the sidelines and a decision was not based on the standard of weather the letter [...]

Nov 9, 2013

Environmental Fanatic Running the EPA

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Ms. McCarty, an environmental fanatic running the EPA agency, when questioned admitted that current and proposed greenhouse gas regulations are not there to protect the public but to influence “the international community” to reduce their CO2 and other alleged emissions. Not only do the regulations have no basis in science, but they exist to keep [...]