Feb 8, 2019

SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill’s mic turned off during outburst

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By KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill lashed out at Tuesday’s board meeting when he was told to end a discussion because it violated the Brown Act. Hill continued his rampage prompting Supervisor Debbie Arnold to cut off his microphone. [Cal Coast Times] In response to a Tribune commentary that claimed the county elections office is [...]

Feb 8, 2019

Score Card of Lies & Insults Based on the State Of The Union Address

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By Bob Martz Number of Times Trump Insulted the Democrats or lied about USA conditions during SOTU address was zero. Number of times Stacy Abrams insulted (I) or Lied (L) about Trump & Republicans during SOTU rebuttal is noted below. (I) “Trump’s gov’t shutdown used workers as pawns & was a disgraceful political stunt” (Takes 2 sides [...]

Feb 5, 2019

SF Gate tries to sidestep infanticide claim because lawmaker “misspoke”

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SF Gate tries to sidestep infanticide claim because lawmaker "misspoke" The recent story about a Virginia Lawmaker Kathy Tran, who during a question about her bill answered that an abortion while the mother was dilatated was allowed in her bill.  She later walked back the statement. According to the SF Gate, her quote was [...]

Feb 1, 2019

The plague of false narrative

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The plague of false narrative                                                                                 By Al Fonzi "The whole aim of practical [...]

Jan 4, 2019

Did you vote for this?

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By Al Fonzi Another new year is upon us, and at the local, state, and federal levels American communities are under siege from a relentless administrative state, escalating costs for essential services, and demands for an even heavier tax burden upon citizens, small businesses, and corporations alike. The Democrat controlled state Legislature has already floated [...]

Nov 30, 2018

The Prayer…

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by David Emery Updated December 18, 2017 Pastor Joe Wright gave a prayer before the Kansas House of Representatives in January 1996 that sparked a political furor. In the following months, the prayer Wright wrote in 30 minutes, led to "angry walkouts in two state legislatures, an unprecedented two readings on Paul Harvey's ABC Radio [...]