Jun 7, 2019

If the lights go out 

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By Al Fonzi PG&E is sending out notices warning that in the event of summer heat-wind events posing an extreme fire danger, it will shut down electrical power in certain regions. Power will be shut down not just in regions directly affected by high risk of wildfire but in potentially unrelated areas for 48 hours [...]

May 24, 2019

Meeting June 3rd with Speaker Chris Arend

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Chris Arend Paso Robles School Board Trustee will be speaking in front of our group on June 3rd at 6pm in the Republican Headquarters in Atascadero. We are pleased to have him because of his experience and insight into the changes that are going on in California Schools due to radical changes in how [...]

Apr 30, 2019

Meeting May 6th with Speaker Dan Dow – San Luis Obispo District Attorney

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Dan Dow San Luis Obispo District Attorney Come hear Dan Dow speak at this months Atascadero meeting on May 6th at 6pm in the Republican headquarters at 7357 El Camino Real in Atascadero .  He will be speaking on the Death Penalty, Sanctuary Cities, and Open Borders. Dan Dow is the District attorney of [...]

Feb 8, 2019

SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill’s mic turned off during outburst

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By KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill lashed out at Tuesday’s board meeting when he was told to end a discussion because it violated the Brown Act. Hill continued his rampage prompting Supervisor Debbie Arnold to cut off his microphone. [Cal Coast Times] In response to a Tribune commentary that claimed the county elections office is [...]

Feb 8, 2019

Score Card of Lies & Insults Based on the State Of The Union Address

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By Bob Martz Number of Times Trump Insulted the Democrats or lied about USA conditions during SOTU address was zero. Number of times Stacy Abrams insulted (I) or Lied (L) about Trump & Republicans during SOTU rebuttal is noted below. (I) “Trump’s gov’t shutdown used workers as pawns & was a disgraceful political stunt” (Takes 2 sides [...]

Feb 5, 2019

SF Gate tries to sidestep infanticide claim because lawmaker “misspoke”

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SF Gate tries to sidestep infanticide claim because lawmaker "misspoke" The recent story about a Virginia Lawmaker Kathy Tran, who during a question about her bill answered that an abortion while the mother was dilatated was allowed in her bill.  She later walked back the statement. According to the SF Gate, her quote was [...]

Feb 1, 2019

The plague of false narrative

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The plague of false narrative                                                                                 By Al Fonzi "The whole aim of practical [...]