Jan 4, 2019

Did you vote for this?

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By Al Fonzi Another new year is upon us, and at the local, state, and federal levels American communities are under siege from a relentless administrative state, escalating costs for essential services, and demands for an even heavier tax burden upon citizens, small businesses, and corporations alike. The Democrat controlled state Legislature has already floated [...]

Nov 30, 2018

The Prayer…

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by David Emery Updated December 18, 2017 Pastor Joe Wright gave a prayer before the Kansas House of Representatives in January 1996 that sparked a political furor. In the following months, the prayer Wright wrote in 30 minutes, led to "angry walkouts in two state legislatures, an unprecedented two readings on Paul Harvey's ABC Radio [...]

Oct 17, 2018

A 6-Point Plan to Fix America’s Immigration Challenge: Michael Rivera

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Opinion Recent months have seen a long overdue spotlight put on illegal immigration. Candidates for president and the media have talked about the heinous murders ofKate Steinle in San Francisco and Marilyn Pharis in Santa Maria, allegedly committed over the summer by illegal aliens who were multiple offenders and deported multiple times. This likely would not have happened [...]

Oct 14, 2018

High speed Rail Disaster

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California’s High Speed Rail plan continues to prove irresponsible and unpopular.   It was originally sold to the voters as a $33 billion project to be completed in 2020.  It is now estimated to cost $77 billion, is not expected to be “high speed,” and is not expected to be finished until 2033 at the earliest.   [...]

Sep 26, 2018

Central Coast Tax Payers Rally in the Park Oct 20th 2018

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Repeal the Gas Tax that Rips off Californians!

Sep 26, 2018

Meeting October 1st 6pm Ballot Measures and What You Should Know

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The North County Tea Party. Your Conservative voice, Amplified! The North County Tea Party is Proud to announce a special event Monday October 1st, 2018 2018 Ballot Proposition and Bond Measures Discussion Do you know about the upcoming Ballot and Bond Measures? Well come hear from our experts on these tricky wallet drainers so [...]