Mar 28, 2014

Tim Donnelly BBQ

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Tim Donnelly Pismo Beach Fundraiser     March 19, 2014 Please join us for an afternoon of barbecue, drinks, and hors d'oeuvres with Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Donnelly. Special guests will include Assembly Member of the 34th District Shannon Grove and Pacific Justice Institute President Brad Dacus. The cost is $125 per person. Please RSVP at: WHEN [...]

Jan 10, 2014

Tea Party California Caucus Meeting in Fresno January 11th 2014

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January Conference - Fresno January 11, 2014 Help us restore American values to the political parties that represent us! Steve Brandau welcoming TPCC to Fresno and speaking on the need for tea party organizing to create a more effective group. Randall Jordan speaking on the fact that the tea party is not part of [...]

Oct 12, 2013

Tea Party Caucus Oct 2013

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Last weekend, the Tea Party California Caucus made its debut with the California Republican Party at its Fall Convention in Anaheim. The results were beyond our wildest dreams - our Resolutions were unanimously adopted by the CRP, our Saturday meeting was packed out into the hallway, and we were a constant source of media reports [...]

Oct 5, 2013

Tea Party California Caucus article on Legal Insurection

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The first every Tea Party Caucus! October 4-6 in Anaheim, California of all places.  We are changing the Republican party from the ground up and our grassroots tea party movement is getting a lot of attention!  Our conservative democratic friends are working to help bring a less socialist feel to the democratic party through tea [...]

Dec 2, 2012

Tell the Politicians Reform Not Taxes

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HOWARD JARVIS TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATION Tell the Politicians Reform Not Taxes FIGHT BACK Against Higher Taxes! California taxpayers are already paying some of the nation's highest taxes. You can help us fight back! Make a donation to the "No New Taxes" Committee, a project of the HJTA. Then contact your legislators in Sacramento and tell them [...]

Sep 5, 2012

24th District Congress

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Everyone has legitimate repsonses...1) we do need to hold on to as many seats as we can. 2) Just because there's an 'R" next to their name, it doesn't mea a thing. 3) Maldonado will be speaking to the TEA PARTY on Sept 10th and that's when we need to let him know of our [...]