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Web & Education Committee

Working on creating a web presence for the North County Tea Party to bring together and educate people in this area who are interested in the Tea Party movement.

Jason Anderson –

Randall Jordan –

Communication Committee

To create a communication network of people to effectively get truthful and accurate information to those in the Tea Party who seek it.

Ed Veek –


Events & Promotions Committee

Handles the tasks involved in getting our message out through various events, rallies, screenings, speeches, etc.




Hold Their Feet to the Fire Committee

A unique committee dedicated to the accountability of our elected officials. ‘Holding their feet to the fire’ and keeping them focused on what they were elected to do.


Objectives of the Hold Their Feet to the Fire Committee

Work within the general framework of the National Tea Party movement and the North County Tea Party Patriots group to encourage conservative values in government. Work with our elected representatives and encourage them to govern using conservative principals as outlined in the core values statement of the National Tea Party. Those core values being, a Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility and Free Markets.

We achieve our objectives primarily through the use of correspondence, E-Mail, telephone calls and personal visits with our elected representatives on current political issues of the day.

Committee members should be willing to commit themselves to a thoughtful discussion of the issues, formulation of an appropriate action plan to resolve the issue and then communicate our concerns to our elected representatives. We will work to provide a conservative based solution to the problem. We understand the need to provide solutions, not problems.

Committee members and the general membership of the North County Tea Party Patriots group should be willing to communicate our ideas and suggested resolutions to our elected representatives through the use of traditional correspondence, by E-Mail, telephone, as well as through personal contact. Our objective is to insure our core value principals are presented in conservative based solutions to the multitude of problems and issues facing our elected representatives. Our elected representatives are sensitive to the number of contacts they receive on a particular issue. Therefore, we understand how important it is for each member to individually contact their representative on each issue. Only through increased contact numbers can we expect to really “Hold their feet to the fire”!!!

Other duties of committee members include spreading the message of the Tea Party’s core value principles through wide distribution of our core value statement at local rally’s and gatherings as well as encouraging other like minded conservative individuals to join our movement.