America is changing, but is it for the better?

Is cap and trade a solution or a disaster?

October 2nd

6 PM

7357 El Camino Real – Atascadero.

The North County Tea Party is happy to host a meeting with Debbie Bacigalupi who will be covering the topic of “sustainable development” and “Agenda 21”. These two subjects are of utmost importance to the new America that is being developed. As a self governed people, we have the opportunity to affect how our lives are governed. We know from experience the government tends to control people to meet its needs. Right now we are at a crossroads. Will the government decide our housing structures, our food sources, our living arrangements, and social structures? Will will be able retain our independence and freedom to decide where and how we live. Debbie has spent many years educating and teaching about the governments self appeasement. She understands how insidious the agenda 21 model is. Come hear her speak, ask questions, and become informed.

How is “Sustainable Development” ending rural Life in America..

What is the real scheme behind Cap and Trade?


Come hear Debbie Bacigalupi explain this and more.

6 pm Monday Oct 2nd at North County

Tea Party monthly meeting.

New meeting place at 7357 El Camino Real in Atascadero.