Ms. McCarty, an environmental fanatic running the EPA agency, when questioned admitted that current and proposed greenhouse gas regulations are not there to protect the public but to influence “the international community” to reduce their CO2 and other alleged emissions. Not only do the regulations have no basis in science, but they exist to keep the environmental war on energy use going and to pressure developing nations such as China and India.
The citizens of Australia rose up and threw out the politicians who imposed a “carbon” tax on them. The new prime minister has shut down the “climate ministry” that existed to enforce it.

Antarctic Ice Sets New Growth Record Amid ongoing warnings about the perils of global warming and rising sea levels comes the news that the extent of sea ice surrounding Antarctica set a new record in September.
On Sept. 22, sea ice extended over 7.51 million square miles of the Southern Ocean, the largest extent in the satellite record, NASA reported. The previous record, set in September 2012, was 7.50 million square miles. Antarctic sea ice reaches its minimum extent in February or March and then grows until reaching its maximum in September or October.
“But even though it is a record high, it is only 3.6 percent above the 1981-2010 average maximum.” The overall trend shows growth in the extent of sea ice of about 1.5 percent per decade, NASA disclosed, adding: “Multiple factors — including the geography of Antarctica, the region’s winds, as well as air and ocean temperatures — all affect the ice.”
PS: Obama issued a new executive order Under the title “Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change” Last Friday.,
And His Lies Keep Coming …

The fact is, the more Obama and his team are exposed as liars, the LESS conservatives seem willing to take action. Consider all the ObamaCare lies that have been exposed in the past few weeks:
“You can keep your own coverage.” LIE. Tell that to the millions who have already been booted from their health insurance and into the government “exchange.”
“Prices will drop.” LIE. Prices are skyrocketing for everyone and especially for those being forced into ObamaCare.
“This isn’t a tax.” LIE. It is a tax. Just check your IRS form next year and you’ll know it’s a tax.

“The website will work.” LIE. What may be the most expensive website in American history continues to be, in Sebelius’ own words, a debacle.
“We had to fix the healthcare crisis.” LIE. Just the other day, Sebelius admitted that 95 percent of Americans already have “affordable, available health coverage.”

There is no crisis. There never was a crisis. Obama manufactured a crisis in order to socialize 18 percent of the economy.
Barack Obama is doing exactly what he said he wanted to do: to “transform” America. The real question is, what will America look like when he’s done?