Who are you guys anyway?2012-12-02T20:52:27-08:00

We are simply individual citizens who have chosen to work together for a common goal.  Most major groups, including the Democratic and Republican parties are just like that. We don’t have membership cards, dues, or any such nonsense.  We are drawn together by our three fundamental priciples;

A constitutionally limited government – or simply put, a government made up of representatives who have sworn to uphold the limits put on them by the constitution and look after the best interests of those people who gave them temporary use of our power to legislate on our behalf. Now is that too much to ask?

Fiscal responsibility – Don’t spend more than you take in.  We know you need taxes to run the government, but don’t borrow us into oblivion because you can’t cut you addiction to spending. Make a budget and keep to it, like we all do. It’s just common sense.

Free markets – We believe in capitalism and the free market system. Not a no holds barred free for all, but an even playing field for all. Legistlate and Regulate, but let the market decide pricing through supply and demand.

Just those three principles.  Oh, we may argue over issues (and we do), but on those three things – nope.


Agenda 21 Myths2017-02-09T12:54:40-08:00

We are asked a lot if Agenda 21 is true or just a myth. Here is a link to the actual documentation on the United Nations website.


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