Are you tired of Hearing How America and Capitalism are Bad?

November 6th at 6 PM in Atascadero

Adobe Plaza 7357 El Camino Real


Speakers: G Edward griffin and James Bolton

Will outline the socialist revolution unfolding within the US and what we can do to help our nation.

A Different Kind of War

We will outline the following topics

· Understanding the true Conditions.

  1. Will briefly outline the socialist revolution unfolding within the US.
  2. Will explain the dynamics of Political Insurgency
  3. Will briefly outline the chief weapon of our adversary, Information Dominance.

· An Essential social/political movement.

  1. We will briefly outline how a movement progresses either to success or failure.
  2. We will cover some basics of social movement building and syndication.
  3. We will very briefly talk about security issues and local experiences.

· If time allows, we will discuss “Leveraging Your Position”.

All politics is about leverage.

General: Many of these topics will blend and over-lap which is a positive dynamic that helps us to understand the most critical factors.

James Bolton Bio:

· Born and reared in WV in farming and woodworking environment, graduating high school in 1986.

 · Joined the USMC in 1987 and due to some particular natural skills, was selected as a team-member of a Special Operations unit (MARSOC) tasked with Counter-Insurgency Operations. Active Tenure ended in 1995 and served an additional 2 years on the USMCR (reserve).

· Was privately trained By Geo-political PHD Dr. John Berry from 1996 to 2001. Upon his recommendation and his death, completed the Basic Operators Counter-Intelligence Course in 2005.

· Have been actively involved in private security, dispute resolution, movement building and self-defense instruction for over 20yrs.· Have worked in four states over the last 20+ years in movement building and direct confrontations with political subversives and their agendas.· Currently is working closely with Freedom Force International to create local ‘campuses’ of Red Pill University.

· Currently have two children in the USMC and resides in Stevens County WA with his wife Kim, 
where he leads a group he has been developing for approximately 9yrs.