General Meeting
Monday August 4th at 6 PM  in the ABC Church
Topic: WATER!
Join us for updated information that you NEED to know and how it will affect us ALL!
Our Speakers this month will be:
Debbie Arnold, San Luis Obispo County 5th District Supervisor
She is a native Californian and along with her family, the Arnolds own a family ranching and farming business where they produce beef cattle, hay and wine grapes.
Debbie will be discussing:
*The history of the Basin
*The problems we are facing today and how the current water issues affect all of us
*How the proposed water solutions differ
Also Speaking will be:
Cindy Steinbeck, 5th generation native and owner of Steinbeck Vineyards & Winery
Cindy will be discussing;
*California Law: How landowners have the right to reasonable and beneficial use & how that right is being undermined ( It’s not about water, it’s about power and control)
*Protecting our rights: What is Quiet title? Why did we file? Why should others file?
*County politics: How the Urgency Ordinance undermines rights. How non-landowners can get involved.