Guest Speaker: Richard Trainor Insider trading Corruption by elected people
Richard spoke on the corruption of the Senator from California Diane Feinstein and how she along with a group of others used ‘insider’ trading and knowledge of government contracts to become extremely wealthy through the use of ‘penny’ stocks setup by her husband. His book is a tell all documentation of how this corruption goes all the way to the top circles of Washington.

You can visit Richards website/blog at

Core members spoke on support for Mayor Debbie Peterson August 5th, in Grover Beach after the meeting.

The Mayor represents the City of Grover Beach on the San Luis Obispo Air Pollution Control District (SLO APCD). As the new representative to the SLO APCD Mayor Peterson has been pro-active, asking questions and seeking accountability.
•She wants all funds go to State Parks to research and mitigate the dust blowing onto the Mesa.
•She is asking that there be no permit required by the APCD to allow Off Highway Vehicles because it could be yanked by the sole authority of the Air Pollution Control Officer with no other oversight from the board or the State.
•The Dust Rule has already resulted in lawsuits with costs of $135,000 from the APCD alone.
Two supervisors (Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson) who disagree have been petitioning the city council to remove the mayor from the APCD board. They say she asks too many questions and shouldn’t rock the boat.

A large group assembled at the City Hall in Grover beach in the evening of August 5th, 2013 to show support for Debbie Peterson and in the end the Council voted NOT to replace her on the APCD, which would have been the first time such an event would have happened on this board with this council and setting a precedent making other such mid-appointment changes more likely.
The concern over her removal from the board stemmed from her acting as a consultant on a project in favor of keeping the Pismo Dunes open for recreation. This action caused some who dislike the dust created by the dunes and believe the dust is created by recreational vehicles to call for her removal.
Board Appointee Peterson pointed out that she was highly qualified to consult on the topic and was open to giving the same help to anyone requesting it, and that is why she was appointed to the board in the first place.
The root of the controversy seems to be that Peterson isn’t likely to go along with the political pressure that is being put on her. After a revealing discussion about emails and communications received by Council member William Nicolls, it appears that Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson are behind the pressure to remove Petersen in order to gain more control over the APCD in general.