NCTP held our monthly meeting Dec 2nd at ABC church in Atas., where 43 attended. The minutes from November’s meeting were read and approved. Our featured speaker for the evening was congressional candidate for the 24th district Republican Dale Francisco who is hoping for a win over Chris Mitchum and incumbent Lois Capps.
After giving us his background information in engineering he told us of the reason he decided to get involved in Santa Barbara politics. His local neighborhood began a traffic calming project that he discovered was backed by bicycle enthusiasts. Since he felt it was suited to a large city, having no place in a smaller city like Santa Barbara he decided in 2007 to run for city Council, becoming the lone conservative on board. Dale says there are currently 3 conservatives, 3 progressives and one liberal on the council.

He says we need to stand up for American values or we will lose our America. He currently sees state and national figures believing in top down governing, rather than following the constitution. He believes we can eliminate entire departments such as the Dept. of Labor. Dale believes we need to turn our military around and support our friends where our current policy involves snubbing our friends and helping our enemies, as well as turn the economy around in order to save our country.

He believes he is electable because he has won city council elections, not once, but twice. He also serves on the State Water Board. He then took questions from the audience.

Lydia spoke on the TPCC (Tea Party California Caucus) event in Fresno on January 11th, urging all to attend. She also mentioned several people attending will have extra seats available to carpool. Please see for more information.

Josh Friedman gave a brief story about Karen Velie having her grandchildren removed to child welfare services, currently in a battle to even see them despite a judges decision saying otherwise. He said Tim Donnelley was currently working to get this resolved.