General meeting Nov. 4, 2013

Guest Speakers;
Stephen Frank of Calif. News, Tea Party California Caucus at Republican Convention spoke on the changes to the party and the importance of the tea party and our involvement in changing the Republican party.

Neil Wampler,  gave an impassioned speech regarding “Gun Owners of California recall efforts”. He was concerned with the apathy that had descended on current culture over gun ownership and gun rights.

Hot topic of the month: The Affordable Care Act – aka. “Obummercare”
Their was brief discussion on the failure of the website to allow enrolment in the Affordable Care Act by the date required by law and the ramifications on the administrations ability to hold its grip as senate majority as well as in the White house. Consensus among the group appeared to be that, although the health care role out was drastically poor, the subsequent handling of the fiasco gave Obama supporters a dose of what this group already knew, Obama is an opportunist and a liar.

Randall Jordan – state TEA party groups
Ed Veek – national TEA party

letters – support, the Supervisors elected,

Volunteers for March 29th, 2014 BBQ to meet, Email or call Ed or 805-423-2592

Old Business;
Petition to repeal Coed bathrooms Nov.6 deadline

New Business;
Next meeting – Dec. 2nd, 6 PM, at the ABC church (room 102) in Atascadero.

Save the date March 29th, 2014 BBQ at Thousand Hills ranch, Pismo Beach