General Meeting  10-7-2013 held at ABC Church in Atascadero.

The room at the church was nearly full with 57 seats close to the stage full.

The speaker for the evening was San Luis Obispo 5th District Supervisor Debbie Arnold. She brought up some interesting points on the recent water issue vote. Her decenting vote caused some controversy, however, Supervisor Arnold explained her no vote on the urgency ordinance was due to unclear wording of the ordinance. She voiced a concern on several flawd points:

1. There were no appropriate solutions in the ordinance.

2. There was no Definition of the word “vested”.

3. Amending the general plan, such as rezoning areas to be used for dry crops verses wet crops.

4. Redo the urgency ordinance.

Supervisor Arnold held a brief question and answer period where she was urged to stand on principle even if the only dissenting vote. Mrs. Arnold took time to answer all the questions and thanked the audience for the opportunity to obtain feedback and support.

Suggestions on how the ordiance should be modified to prevent undo resident burdens, such as suspending property taxes while property owners are drilling new wells was discussed.

Randall Jorden then spoke on the recent success of the first Tea Party California Caucus held at the California Republican Convention in Anaheim that weekend, giving highlights of the caucus and how while garnering huge support from tea party attendees was able to bring in more attendees than any other caucus or suite event on the floor. Mr. Jordan confirmed that the TPCC suite was so packed that both sets of double doors were opened and attendees were crowding the doors to see into the standing room only. It was also confirmed that Ca Represntative, Tim Donnolley was holding his party next door and during the meetings after party it was requested that the wall separating the two suites was removed by hotel staff and both groups co-mingled until early the next morning. Mr. Jordan gave accolades to all who attended and help make the event so succesful.

Laura Mordaunt stood up to speak on the 4th District Supervisor race.  She urged all to come to Lynn Compton’s kickoff on Thursday, October 10th in Nipomo at the “Edward’s Barn”. Lynn is running for 4th District Supervisor against Governor Brown’s recently appointed Caren Ray who is an outsider and unfamiliar with the San Luis Obispo areas needs.  Mrs. Mordaunt said, “This race is important,  even to those not in the 4th District,  as the decisions made by the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors affect the entire county.”

The hot topic of the month is water. Everyone was urged to bring one person to the next meeting which will be November 4th at 6:00p.m.