1. General Meeting TONIGHT Monday 9/9/2013
a. Agenda
i. Discussion on Tea Party CA Caucus
ii. Gun laws-Alert & Awareness
iii. Open Session Discussion
· Announcements
· What’s on your mind (keep it brief-2 minutes)
2. Republican BBQ-Big Success thanks to all who attended.
a. Guess who was not invited BUT attended. THAT”S RIGHT…Democrat Paul Coyne-running for 24th Congressional Seat. Below is a email by Al Fonzi which tells it like it is.
Members of the Tea Party should be forewarned and not deceived by Democrat Paul Coyne and his “conservative message.” I believe him to be a
Trojan Horse backed by democrats intending to divide the conservative vote in the Congressional Primary races next year. By taking away enough conservative voters, they can insure that Lois Capps will certainly be re-nominated and a weaker conservative candidate, ensuring her re-election.
If not Capps, then another very liberal replacement. A few facts about Coyne: He lists on his campaign literature “West Point, 1981-84”
but if you look closely, you realize he didn’t graduate from West Point. He actually received his bachelor’s degree some years later.
He also didn’t complete his military obligation for attending West Point, only two years in the reserves after which he was discharged.
When you graduate from West Point, you incur a five-year active military service obligation; Coyne only completed two years, likely in an enlisted status. He also lists four years of “PhD studies”, but again, he doesn’t list a completed PhD, just that he went to school for four years doing graduate work. This is deceptive as at first glance, many voters will assume he is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and went on to earn a doctorate degree. Coyne both pads his resume and uses deceptive advertising to mislead potential voters. In his presentations to voters,
he presents himself as a conservative, wanting to cut excess government spending and supportive of the military, but when speaking to liberal audiences, he derides the military and has been reported to have said he would cut the military by 50%. The armed forces took a $487 Billion hit
in the 2012 reconciliation budget followed by an additional $500 Billion cut when the “Sequester” was imposed at the beginning for the fiscal year on October 1st, 2012. As a result, about 1/3 of all military aircraft are grounded and an equal number of ship deployments are being cancelled.
We have far fewer military assets available to respond to the numerous world crisis that are not mindful of U.S. budget woes.
For instance, during the Libyan crisis, the Navy was forced to rent a Greek ferry to evacuate Americans from Libya when no American naval assets were available to deploy; the same thing happened in Libya when our embassy was attacked; there were few assets ready to respond in a timely manner. Operations, maintenance and training are always hit first when military budgets are mindlessly slashed as in the sequester. This hits military readiness in a hundred ways and is seldom immediately apparent to the civilian public until some military disaster unfolds and recriminations begin, but by then it is too late for the military personnel and their families who have paid the price for our lack of preparedness. Coyne openly mocks the military and anyone who criticizes him on defense issues and dismisses any legitimate concerns about national security and military readiness. Fact is, he simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Finally, Coyne supports “Obama-care” and cannot be trusted to advocate for conservative principles.
He is misleading voters about who he is and what he really believes and the election hasn’t even begun! We need good candidates who hold to true conservative principles, not Trojan horse democrats who will vote with Obama and the liberal democrat majority once they get into Congress. Please let your folks know there is great danger facing the nation and we need to unite behind real conservatives (Coyne refused to re-register as a Republican since he is so at odds, so he says, with the Democrat party), not charlatans. Cordially, Al Fonzi.
My added comment…we know who represents our values, that’s Chris Mitchum.
3. KPRL – Sound Off
a. Tomorrow-Tuesday Al Fonzi, topic “National Securities”
b. Thursday- NCTP topic “Tea Party CA Caucus”

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