Lately there has been a lot of talk about banning guns. However, very little proof has been given that in the United States a gun ban would reduce mass shooting and may even prove to increase illegal gun use in crimes.

The idea that reducing the number of guns in the United States, particularly the most popular rifles like the AR-15, is typically stressed by many who don’t know that much about guns or the crime statistics other than they don’t like gun violence and this is the only solution they can think of.

Proof has been readily available through many different studies and agencies throughout the years that gun numbers are not correlated with gun violence. In fact, when considering that many crimes are halted (without a shot fired) due to the presence of a non-criminal with a gun, its difficult to say that a gun ban wouldn’t result in a higher death rate by other means such as stabbing, blunt force, strangulation, or a slew of others. Also, gun deaths have been on a decline over the last 50 years when suicides by guns are removed. I’m not sure if gun control advocates are aware that suicidal people can still commit suicide without access to guns.

There is also a very high likelihood that banning guns would result in a higher rate of rape, home invasions, car jacking, and robbery. After all, criminals will still my the very nature of being criminals still find ways of committing crimes.

Even if suicides and homicides were reduced by banning guns, the offsetting casualties of defenseless citizens would more than take the place of these deaths. Gun control advocates have a point though. Getting shot and killed is a bummer and it shouldn’t happen – EVER. However, the cat is out of the bag and guns have become part of the arsenal for evil. Denying the right of citizens to protect themselves with the same level of defense that evil uses to perpetuate it’s cruelty is even crueler still.

I would be for getting rid of all nuclear weapons. No good can come from them. However, now that they are in existence, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to ban them knowing that only law abiding countries would obey the ban and evil regimes would work endlessly to enslave the rest of the world. The same is with gun bans.

If you want to stop gun deaths, work with the NRA to educate and arm people who will use guns to save lives and protect property. I rest better at night not only knowing that the police have guns, my neighbors have guns, and I have guns. Now, when a criminal comes to prey on my community, my neighbors, or my family, we have a fighting chance. Criminals think twice about breaking into a police station, because they know it’s filled with people trained and possessing guns. We should rethink this dialog and trains every American in the use and possession on a gun. The death toll from gun violence would surely go down.

The argument that guns are to easy to get because laws are to lax is easily debunked by Tony Salads, a popular YouTuber, that made a video on legally obtaining a gun vs. illegally obtaining a gun. Watch it and unless you just don’t want to admit the facts are against gun bans, you may want to join your local NRA chapter.