February 5th Meeting

Location; Adobe Plaza – Republican Headquarters

Speaker; Deborah Reed, COS regional captain

You won’t want to miss this meeting with Convention of States regional captain Deborah Reed. She will be covering the tremendous strides in the movement to reign in the Federal Government.

The Convention of States movement covers the entire nation and involves both Republicans and Democrats, as well as all other party affiliations. Because a Convention of States is authorized under the United States Constitutions Article V, the people can call a convention and congress MUST accommodate.  Also, if amendments proposed at the convention are ratified by 3/4 of the states then those amendments become part of the constitution and United States Law. This is not a simple process and many checks are in place to prevent problems, but only this method is available in the constitution to reign in an abusive and over reaching federal government when they won’t do it through congress and regular channels.

Come learn more about this important movement before dismissing it.  Too many people are making rash decisions based on too little information.

We hope to see you at this very important meeting.

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