The North County Tea Party. Your Conservative voice, Amplified!

The North County Tea Party

is Proud to announce a special event

Monday October 1st, 2018

2018 Ballot Proposition and Bond Measures Discussion

Do you know about the upcoming Ballot and Bond Measures?

Well come hear from our experts on these tricky wallet drainers so you can vote with confidence

6pm on Monday October 1st

at the Atascadero Republican Headquarters

San Luis County Voters… November 4th election will be here soon!

Come join in lively discussion!

Voter Guide

1: Bond for Housing- $4b bond – NO

2: Mental Health Money for Housing $2b (borrows from mental health) – NO

3: An $8.9 Billion Water Bond – NO

4: Children’s Hospital Bond $1.5b – NO

5: Portable Real Estate Tax Break – YES

6: Gas Tax Repeal – YES

7: Daylight Savings Time Elimination – YES (Sure, why not)

8: Dialysis Clinic Profit Pruning – NO

10: Bringing Back Rent Control – NO

11: Paramedic Break Time – NO (somethings Fishy – Jury still out pending more research)

12: Cage Sizes on Farmers Animals – NO