We are a patriotic group of people trying to revive the greatness of this country by showing off what works and discarding what doesn’t!
Don’t let principles that create character die.

We are a nation of self governed people.  This is a great thing.  Throughout history nations have come and gone, but people being the source of governments power is a rare idea. Long lived nations have always ruled by a power structure controlled by a small group and manipulated by the privileged. Democratic societies have been short lived historically, due to the willingness of a majority to subvert the minority.

Our Nation is unique because of the fundamental ideas that the individual is supreme and our (the individuals) rights come from God (or nature) and are unalienable. These principles when held by a community at large create more freedom and prosperity than any other system devised by man.

Understanding how our nation has affected the rest of the world and allowed humanity to leap forward is up to each citizen. The heritage foundation is a great place to take classes and get information on what our nation has proven to be successful.

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