What a great turnout for the Return of PIZZA and POLITICS on August 6th at Round Table Pizza in Atascadero.  Starting shortly after 5:30 pm the room started to fill up with happy faces and plates full of Pizza, Salad and an big appetite for debate. We  had so much fun discussing the candidates and their performance. We are so happy we are bringing PIZZA and POLITICS back for this whole election cycle!  If you have never been to a Tea Party meeting or just have curiosity on what our group is about, come on down and get a great Pizza Buffet and some great discussions while watching the GOP debates. See you at the next one!

The straw poll of the debate that aired on Fox leaned heavily toward Ted Cruz (37.2%) and the clear victor of the earlier debate was Carly Fiorina (30.2%).

See all the results here – http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07ebdqc1clid16l9je/results

These next debates are sure to be interesting!