Republican Debate
At Round Table Pizza In Atascadero.

The North County Tea Party
will be hosting another debate
viewing at the Round Table Pizza
in Atascadero this CANCELED at 5:30pm on March 21st

Fox News announced Monday that it

CANCELED a March 21 debate in Salt Lake City,

which was penciled into

the calendar just last month.

It will be the 13th debate

of the Republican

presidential primary contest.

This debate will be
hosted by Fox In
Salt Lake City, Utah.

We always have a great
time and are proud to be
able to bring good people
together for events like this.

Please come at whatever
time you can,
but the Debates will be
CANCELED at 5:30pm.
Ask the server at the
front counter for the
‘Tea Party special’
and get the buffet
at a special price. (under 10 bucks!)