The CalPoly College Conservatives “Repeal the Gas Tax Rally” at the Mission Plaza in San Luis Obispo was a tremendous success. Back dropped by the Dia de la Muertos event put on by the San Luis Obispo grizzlies, the rally had approximately 20 people speaking about the new gas tax and it’s detrimental effects on Californians. The passerby’s were mostly in favor of repealing the gas tax however there were those who where in favor of the gas tax and seemed to be misinformed as to how impactful it was to the economy. They were also unaware of the scope of the tax. The impression one person expressed was that vital services were in jeopardy if the gas tax didn’t go through. We were happy to provide facts and resources while we made friends along the way.

Wasteful spending is the hallmark of the California legislature and nobody disagreed with that. The petitions for the gas tax repeal will be circulating in the near future so keep an eye out and sign it when available.