Wednesday, Wednesday March 18th

Host: Jason Anderson
Chairman: Randall Jordan


  1. Call to Order

2. Inspirational Message / Time of Silence in memory of Ted Gilbert

3. Welcome and Introductions

4. Roll Call of Members / Attendance / Appointments

5. Unfinished Business

a. Farmers Market – ON HOLD DUE TO VIRUS

b. Congratulations Debbie/ John/ Jordan

6. Approval of Last Month’s Minutes

7. Chairman’s and Executive Committee Report

a. Trump 2020 Dinner – April 24th – Pavilion – CANCELLED?

b. Endorse President Trump – CRP letter

8. Treasurers Report / Finance Report – Thank PG&E for Donation

9. Reports – SUBMITTED IN WRITING REQUEST SENT – None received – Discuss New Outline for Reports.

10. New Business/Other

a. Discuss LA Times “Never Mention Trump” Article

b. Endorse AB2898 – Jordan Cunninham

11. Adjournment

Next Meeting Wednesday, April 15th, 2020