By Bob Martz

Number of Times Trump Insulted the Democrats or lied about USA conditions during SOTU address was zero.

Number of times Stacy Abrams insulted (I) or Lied (L) about Trump & Republicans during SOTU rebuttal is noted below.

(I) “Trump’s gov’t shutdown used workers as pawns & was a disgraceful political stunt” (Takes 2 sides to disagree!)

(I) “Trump abandoned our people and our values.” (Where’s Pelosi’s values & how come her vote recently changed?)

(I & L) “Hard working families are being crushed by Republican leadership.”(no economic data supports this position)

(I) “Children need safe & good schools & not shooter drills.” (school charter, voucher, & armed staff programs ignored)

(I) “Cost of higher education cost keeps going up.” (Ignores 8 years of Obama’s academic grants causing it)

(I & L) “Under Trump administration too many families are falling behind.” (no economic data supports this position)

(L) “Republican tax reform bill rigged the system against working people.” (all economic data entirely disputes this)

(L) “Plants are closing and layoffs are looming” (all economic data entirely disputes this) 

(L) “Wages struggle to keep pace with cost of living”. (Totally false except during entire Obama administration)

(I & L) “Trump administration cageschildren & tears families apart.” (despicable lie ! It was Obama’s policy not Trump’s)

(L) “Democrats stand ready to supportour borders.” (For past 15 years they voted for a border wall & ICE – but not now)

(I & L) “Republican AG dismantled Obamacare forcing less care and more cost for all.” (false, as mandate was removed)

(I & L) “People forced to choose between buying health care or paying rent. (false since no health provider denies care)

(L) “Maternal mortality rate – mostly Black Mothers – risk death to birth a child.” (ignores Black Mom no pre-natal care)

(I & L) “Defend individual liberty & appoint fair minded judges.” (Sick lie – Dem’s seek control & ignore US Constitution)

(L) “Voter suppression is real & every voteshould count”. (no ID required  & illegals & the dead vote  is the real fraud)

(I) “People pick their leaders not the politicians pick their voters”. (ignores 50 year Dem policy getting  illegals to vote)

(I) “Must hold accountable present racism for their deeds”. (No racist act or policy noted – just make the accusation)

(I) “Immoral to allow politicians to harm women & families for political agenda.” (really means -death to unborn babies)

(I & L) “LBGTQ community remains under attack”. (again, no act or policy noted, just make the accusation)

(I) “Need Trump to tell the truth & respecthis duties”. (no act or policy noted, just make an unfounded accusation)