SCOTUS decision on Obamacare Exchange Requirement

Today the Supreme Court in case, King v. Burwell, interpreted the law to ‘fit’ an unintended purpose.  With the vote of 6-3, the infamous law lives on.

The court has squarely set it ethics on the sidelines and a decision was not based on the standard of weather the letter of the law was being followed or the intent of the law was being followed, but on the mere notion that the law was in essence to big to fail and there was an obligation of the court to somehow help it along.

The Justices upholding this flawed law, even when known to be an unpopular and highly partisan law, should have sent it back to congress as an easy way out. But since 6 Justices who upheld the law are obviously playing into political corridors, we all have to worry if our country has enough educated, and principled people to right this ship christened by providence.