On January 5, the SLO County Board of Supervisors, under the chairmanship of Supervisor Bruce Gibson, violated the Brown Act regarding the process in the voting for board Chair Frank Mecham AND Vice-Chair Adam Hill. For this reason, on January 13, the Board of Supervisors, chaired by Supervisor Frank Mecham, voted to readdress the reorganization of the board for 2015.

There is now another chance to elect Supervisor Debbie Arnold as, Vice-Chair for 2015 due to readdressing the reorganization which is tentatively scheduled to take place on Tuesday, February 3rd. Supervisor Arnold is the only senior member on the current board that has not yet served as Vice-Chair and/or Chair and in all fairness, it’s her turn.

Please show Debbie Arnold your support by communicating to the BoS Chair Frank Mecham, that you want him to support Debbie Arnold for Vice Chair for the 2015 Board of Supervisors. Please check out the info below and then immediately contact Supervisor Mecham and Supervisor Compton and thank them for voting for a re-vote back on January 13th AND your express your confidence and support for Debbie.

These are steps you can choose from, but feel free to choose them all:

1. Email or call Supervisor Frank Mecham Thank him for readdressing the reorganization and ask him to support Debbie Arnold for Vice Chair.

2. Come to the BoS meeting in SLO, tentatively scheduled on Tuesday February 3rd at 8:45am to speak on this issue.

3. If you are unable/unwilling to speak at the BoS, you can hold up a sign that asks for Debbie Arnold to be voted in Vice Chair.

To prepare, please watch the following videos:

a. January 13 meeting with citizens speaking out and asking for Debbie to be Vice Chair.

or search YOU TUBE title Jan 13 2015 BoS… by Slohealth Nut

b. The responses from Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill about those that spoke on January 13.

or search YOU TUBE title Bruce and Adam’s Response (Chair and V-Chair) 1-13-15 by Slohealth Nut

c. Past behaviors of Adam Hill (whom was wrongly voted in as Vice Chair on January 5 committing a Brown Act violation) This should be corrected and a re-vote taken tentatively scheduled on Tuesday, February 3rd, that is why we need you there and is clarified by watching b. video.

or search YOU TUBE title Adam Hill Behavior • Do you want him as your supervisor now or in 2016? by Slohealth Nut

Below is the contact information:

Supervisor Frank Mecham email fmecham@co.slo.ca.us phone 805-781-4491 mail Room D-430 County Government Center San Luis Obispo, CA 93408

Vicki Shelby/leg aide vshelby@co.slo.ca.us 805-781-4491

Supervisor Lynn Compton email lcompton@co.slo.ca.us phone 805-781-4337 mail Room D-430 County Government Center San Luis Obispo, CA 93408

Jocelyn Brennan/leg aide jbrennan@co.slo.ca.us 805-781-4337

To contact Debbie Arnold with your support: email: district5@co.slo.ca.us Phone: (805) 781-4339 Mailing address: Supervisor Debbie Arnold Room D-430 County Government Center San Luis Obispo, CA 93408

Board of Supervisors meets in the County Government Center 1055 Monterey Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93408