January Conference – Fresno
January 11, 2014

Help us restore American values to the political parties that represent us!



Steve Brandau welcoming TPCC to Fresno and speaking on the need for tea party organizing to create a more effective group.

Randall Jordan speaking on the fact that the tea party is not part of the Republican Party, but how it is affecting the Republican Party for effective change. If they won’t restore the conservative values associated with the Republican Party long ago then we will start our own party!

Woody Woodrum acting as moderator for the TPCC conference.

Dawn Wildman introduced as “the bodacious mother of the California tea party.”
Spoke of prop 1a which was defeated and how special election was best kept secret, funding given to dems to promote largest tax increase through proposition.
Over regulation and ifs affects on farming, water.
Growth 90 groups in2010 to over 330 groups nd coalitions in 2014

Steve Frank spoke on how organizing and winning elections is local.

Steve Brandau spoke again on organizing in regions.